Bedroom Mattresses – The Latest Trends And Choices

Memory foam mattresses are relatively new but they are slowly gaining popularity, especially amongst the younger generations. The foam mattress’s claim to fame is that it absorbs all motion from an active partner who tosses and turns in bed. This allows you to have a motionless experience which results in better sleep.

Mattresses these days can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Before investing in one, you should try out as many as possible. A good tip is for you to do a test run on many different hotel chains. This can be done easily when you go travelling. If you realize that you have enjoyed a restful night’s sleep, take note of the brand used. If there is no tag on the mattress, you can always go down to the front desk to ask for the brand used in that particular room.

back-sleeperWhen you are trying out mattresses, make sure you go all the way by testing out different sleeping positions. Even if you are usually a back sleeper, you should try sleeping on your side. This will cater for possible sleeping position changes in the future. Do not be shy to lie down on the beds in display shops for long periods of time. You are well entitled to do this and the salesperson is usually used to this.

You may notice that after some time, your once comfortable mattress will not be as comfortable anymore. This is due to normal wear and tear of the mattress. Like all things, mattresses also have a lifespan. The components will start to break down leading to ineffective body support. The usual lifespan of a mattress is approximately 10 years. If you take proper care of it, it may last another couple of years but not any longer.

tuft-needle-memory-foam-mattressMemory foam mattresses, though increasing in popularity, is not suitable for everyone. It essentially molds to your body. Some people like this effect, however some may find it too hot for their liking. This heat retaining feature makes a memory foam mattress the preferred mattress for cold winter nights. Most people do not know this but even the highly acclaimed Tuft & Needle, which was voted the best memory foam mattress, will mold and change based on the temperature in the room. This is the reason it feels hard when a person initially lies down on the bed. It slowly becomes softer as your body warms up the material. This makes it tricky to test out the mattress as all memory foam mattresses, including the very best ones, will not feel soft and comfortable initially.

Many experts advise for mattresses to be flipped over every quarter of the year. This is not possible with most memory foam mattresses however as the elastic foam material is usually placed only on one side of the bed. You can however rotate it clockwise every few months.

We would recommend getting a mixed-material mattress. This is where memory foam is combined with springs or coils. This provides the right level of support and comfort at the same time. It is also lighter than a pure memory foam mattress. Good luck shopping for your own mattress!