Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Backyard Using Chicken Coops And More

Out of all the places in your home, how much time do you spend in your backyard? If you barely spend any time in your backyard at all, ask yourself what is keeping you from spending more time there; bad weather? Or is it the fact that your backyard is just simply unappealing in comparison to the rest of your house? If that is the reason why you aren’t spending time in your backyard then it’s time to take action and bring your backyard up to par with the rest of your house. We’ve compiled some truly creative ways that you can try to turn your backyard into the place to be in your house.

Hang a Hammock

Is there a single person on earth who doesn’t love the feeling of lying in a nice hammock? If so, that might just be the unhappiest person on earth. Or maybe they’re just morbidly obese. Anyway, if your backyard has a nice place to hang a hammock then this is surefire way to improve the popularity of your backyard! Also, if you have a gazebo, or are planning to construct one, then hanging the hammock in the gazebo is a great way to stand out from all the other regular gazebos out there.

Construct a Trellis

trellisIf you’re confused as to what a trellis is, it’s basically an open framework or lattice made out of wood and wire to allow climbing plants to grow. If the look of your fence is bumming you out, then consider adding some trellises against your fence and letting plants such as climbing ivy, tomato vines, or indigo morning glories grow freely. This is a lovely way to add some green to your backyard without taking up excessive amounts of space.

Outdoor Furniture

Numerous studies have shown that excessive sitting is extremely detrimental for our bodies, causing tightness in our hips, under-activated glutes, lower back pain, as well as poor slouching posture. Despite such proven facts, it doesn’t look like sitting is going anytime soon, in fact, we are more sedentary than ever. Since no one likes standing around, add some furniture to your backyard and it’ll be a great place to hang out and enjoy the weather or for even throwing some backyard parties.

Build a Playground

If you have young children in your house, we know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes it feels like you want to tear your own hair out. So building a playground in your backyard, even a simple one consisting of only a sandbox and a swing all the way to fancy ones with multiple swings and slide towers is an excellent way of getting the kids out of your hair for a while. Besides with the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of modern society, letting your kids run around on your playground is definitely healthier than them sitting at home all day glued to their devices.

Add a Chicken Coop

rearing-chickensAnd add some actual chickens too, of course. If you wish to go down this urban farming road, it will not be easy but it will be very rewarding. For one you will be ensured of a nice organic supply of eggs, and meat if you want it, with no growth hormone or antibiotics attached. Here are some great plans for chicken coops that you can take guidance from if you are thinking of building your very own coop. While chickens are fairly easy to raise, you want to make sure that you have planned properly for this by ensuring the following:

  • Know your local laws: Are there any restrictions on raising chickens in your area? Some jurisdictions stipulate that a chicken coop must be X feet from your property line so keep that in mind.
  • Know how many chickens you plan to have: This is mainly for space considerations, and also know the type of chickens you intend to have, from bantam chickens (the smallest) all the way up to the larger breeds. Depending on their individual size, each chicken needs 3 to 4 square feet of indoor coop space and 8 to 12 square feet of outdoor run space.
  • Know the level of protection you need: Depending on where you live, you would need more or less security for your chickens from natural predators. Chicken wire is a good tool but should not be relied upon exclusively as larger and more persistent predators can rip and tear through it. If you have lots of foxes, coyotes, or wild dogs in your area, use hardware cloth instead. And make sure you don’t use a dirt floor for your coop as predators can and will dig under to access your chickens.
  • Know your local climate: Chickens actually do better in colder weather then warmer weather, however if you are in area that has very hot summers or very cold winters, you want to ensure proper insulation. Ventilation is also a must regardless of climate; you want vents on all sides of the coop except the floor of course.